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Physician Owned Labs

New $1 lease program with no upfront costs

We are specialist in setting up in-office labs

  • Allows physicians to recapture lab revenue sent to outside reference labs.
  • Delivers results real-time, in the office
  • Boosts retention, improves patient care and creates revenue


Our program covers ALL costs on lab equipment, installation, maintenance and disposables:

  • Includes regulatory, compliance and CLIA registrations
  • Fully Integrates with Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • This all-inclusive program includes reagents, disposables, and maintenance.
  • In-office lab tests billable through insurance or cash pay

Start Your In-office Lab

Provider Profits

Allows physicians to recapture lab revenue sent to outside reference labs. 


Boost Retention

Avoid lost follow-up appointments with immediate lab results, diagnosis & treatment

Real Time Results

Deliver results in real-time, in the office during initial visit. 


Track Outcomes

Collect patient-reported outcome measures to monitor your patients’ success.

Same Day Lab Service

Equals quick diagnosis and treatment

No upfront costs

We make getting started simple, seamless, and free of charge.

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