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Opioid-Free Injectable

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There is a strong demand for non-opioid pain control after surgery. 

Opioid-free injectables may provide an effective solution for this by offering patients a safe and effective option for pain relief. 

NHD Medical offers an opioid and preservative-free local anesthetic compound through a unique blend of three components, which, when combined, mix into lidocaine, tetracaine and epinephrine injection for post-operative pain relief.

 This combination of three well-known, extremely safe, low toxic compound provides an anesthetic designed to provide an opioid-free post-operative solution.

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Benefits Of

Opioid-Free Injections


The compound offers a safe opioid-free injectable that allows the reported benefits to provide adequate pain relief to patients.


Reduces the risk of any opioid-related side effects and may minimize or reduce the risk of patients developing an opioid tolerance or addiction.


A low-toxicity formula that may be suitable for higher volume dosing to ensure full coverage of the affected nerves or wound area.


Applicable to a wide variety of use cases, procedures, and post-operative pain management requirements.


The low toxic combination may offer a sustainable solution to pain management.


(Tetracaine 0.2%, Lidocaine 0.4%, Epinephrine 1:1000)

Used as a local anesthesia compound that offers a solution for non-opioid pain relief. The formulation provides ultra-long-acting, safe pain relief for post-operative care.

The injection contains two components, which, when combined, mix into a preservative-free, patented local anesthetic compound.

The injectable consists of one preloaded Luer-Lock syringe with an 18g mixing needle containing 0.2ml of Epinephrine 1:1000, and one vial containing 50ml of Tetracaine and Lidocaine. Combining these two components results in a solution of 0.2% Tetracaine and 0.4% Lidocaine with Epinephrine 1:250,000.

The Injectable provide a long-lasting pain management solution for various pain management applications.

The local anesthetic compound may be suitable for a variety of surgical procedures and plane blocks, longer-acting local infiltration anesthesia, and local or regional pain management, apart from surgical procedures.

Due to the dilute concentration of the components, the combined product has low toxicity. This allows for higher volume dosing for volume/plane blocks to ensure full coverage of the affected nerves.

The maximum recommended dose is 1.5ml/kg IBW. (1)

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